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NIH Toolbox Motor Domain Endurance Measure 2-Minute Walk Endurance Test - Additional feet count
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Count of additional feet, as part of the NIH Toolbox Motor Domain Endurance Measure 2-Minute Walk Endurance Test
Count of additional feet, as part of the NIH Toolbox Motor Domain Endurance Measure 2-Minute Walk Endurance Test

Biomedical Terminologies and Standards

The NIH Toolbox 2-Minute Walk Endurance Test is adapted from the American Thoracic Societys 6-Minute Walk Test Protocol. This test measures sub-maximal cardiovascular endurance by recording the distance that the participant is able to walk on a 50-foot (out and back) course in two minutes. The participants raw score is the distance in feet and inches walked in two minutes. The test overall takes approximately four minutes to administer (with instructions and practice). This test is recommended for ages 3-85.
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Continue: This time, I will be timing you. Remember, when I say Go, walk back and forth around the cones as fast as possible for 2 minutes without running or hurting yourself Ready, 3, 2, 1, Go! 1 minute: You are doing well. You have 1 minute to go. **If participant is resting at one-minute reminder, encourage him/her to continue and change statement to: You have only 1 minute left. Rest as long as you need; start walking again as soon as you feel able to do so. When time reads 1:45, say: In a moment, Im going to ask you to stop. When I do, just stop right where you are and I will come to you. When 5 seconds remain, examiner should count down: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, stop. Have participant rest. Put a piece of tape on the floor to mark where participant stopped; the tape should be placed behind the participants heel. Measure distance from the last lap to the tape. Put distance on the record sheet and later transfer it to computer.
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Say: This is an activity that shows how physically fit you are by seeing how far you can walk in 2 minutes. I will ask you to walk as fast as you can until I ask you to stop. I know this is hard for some people so don�t worry if you have to slow down or rest. If you do stop or slow down, start walking again as soon as you feel you are ready do so. Ask: Is there any reason you cannot do the walk? Does anything hurt or are you in pain? What I would like here is to have you walk as far as you can in this short period of time. Continue: You and I will not talk while you are walking because this might make you walk more slowly. I will, however, let you know how much time you have to walk and when you are almost done. Demonstrate first part of task; say: Let me show you what you are going to do. You will start with your feet behind this line. When I say �Go,� you will walk back and forth around the cones as fast as you can without running or hurting yourself. You will begin after I say �Ready, 3, 2, 1, Go!� As you pass the cone, do not stop or slow down. When I tell you to stop, stop where you are on the path until I come to you. Demonstrate first lap; say: Watch me as I show you. You see that I am walking fast but not running and that I am not slowing or stopping when I pass the cone. Do you have any questions? Answer questions as necessary. Ask participant to walk course once down and back; say: Now you can practice. Walk the path, out and back one time; go around the cone without slowing down. Ready, 3, 2, 1, Go! When participant finishes, say: Do you have any questions? Answer any questions.
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