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Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-4) - Math computation item 32 score
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Score of the math computation item 32 subtest given, as a part of Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-4)
Score of the math computation item 32 subtest given, as a part of Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-4)

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Part 2 Math Computation Subtest
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Copyright 2006 by Wide Range, Inc. All rights reserved. No reproductlon Is allowed without the express written permission of NCS Pearson, Inc. Published and distributed exclusively under license from Wide Range, Inc. y NCS Pearson, Inc., 5601 Green Valley Drive, Bloomington, MN 55437 www.PearsonCIInlcal.com Wilkinson, G. S., & Robertson, G. J. (2006). Wide Range Achievement Test Fourth Edition. Lutz, FL: Psychological Assessment Resources.

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Hand the Participant the Math Computation section of the Blue/Green Response Form and say, This is a math test. Look at the problems printed on these two pages. (Point to both pages) I want to see how many of these problems you can work. Look at each problem carefully to see what you are supposed to do add, subtract, multiply or divide and then put your answer either on or below the lines given. Start with the first problem in the top row (point) and do the problems in order across the page and then on to the next line. Move down the page row by row. When you finish this page, go on to the next page and work those problems. The problems are easier at the beginning and then get harder. I want to see how many problems you can finish in 15 minutes. That s a lot of time so work carefully, but do not spend too much time on any one problem. If you do not know how to do a problem, skip it and go on to the next one. Be sure to write your answers in the simplest form. Check your work if you have finished all of the problems you know how to do before the time is up. Raise your hand when you have finished. Begin timing. After exactly 15 minutes, say, Stop work. Time is up.
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WRAT4 , Math_Computation_Test

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