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Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-4) - Spelling item text
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Text for part 2, spelling test item, as a part of Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-4)
Text for part 2, spelling test item, as a part of Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-4)

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Part 2 Spelling Test Subtest
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Copyright 2006 by Wide Range, Inc. All rights reserved. No reproductlon Is allowed without the express written permission of NCS Pearson, Inc. Published and distributed exclusively under license from Wide Range, Inc. y NCS Pearson, Inc., 5601 Green Valley Drive, Bloomington, MN 55437 www.PearsonCIInlcal.com Wilkinson, G. S., & Robertson, G. J. (2006). Wide Range Achievement Test Fourth Edition. Lutz, FL: Psychological Assessment Resources.

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Adult and Pediatric
AGES 7 OR YOUNGER: Administer Part 1: Letter Writing first, followed by Part 2: Spelling. The Spelling section must be administered individually for participants ages 7 and younger. On the Spelling section, the test should be discontinued after the Participant spells 10 consecutive words incorrectly (10 RULE).AGES 8 OR OLDER: Administer Part 2: Spelling first. Discontinue if 10 consecutive errors have been made (10 RULE). If the Participant has correctly spelled 5 or more items on the Spelling section before meeting the discontinue criterion, the preliminary Letter Writing section should not be administered. If the Participant does not spell at least 5 words correctly on the Spelling section, then administer Part 1: Letter Writing (5 RULE).
Preferred Question Text
Make sure that the Participant has a pencil with an eraser and place the Spelling page of the Blue/Green Response Form in front of the Participant. Begin by saying, I am going to read some words to you, and I would like you to write or print each one on the line beside the numbered space. (Point to the numbered spaces) Listen carefully so that you hear each word I say. Then try to spell the word correctly. I will say the word, then read a sentence with the word in it, and then say the word again. Please write the first word here (point to line #1) and then go down the page this way as I say each word. Try to do your best. If you are not sure how to spell a word, you may take a guess. Allow the Participant 15 seconds to write each word. After the Participant has completed the Spelling section, say, That�s all. Good job. Thanks. Now we will do something else.
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