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This form structure is an organized set of data definitions for a copyrighted form
Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment
Short Name:
The Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT) uses computerized card games to test cognitive ability. Four simple tasks test processing speed, attention, learning and working memory. A baseline test represents the participant's best effort pre-injury. The post-injury report shows whether there was significant decline in test performance post-injury. Refernces: CogState. (1999). CogSport [Computer software]. Parkville, Victoria, Australia:CogState, Ltd. Collie, A., Darby, D., & Maruff, P. (2001). Computerized cognitive assessment of athletes with sports related head injury. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 35, 297? 302. Collie A, Maruff P, Makdissi M, et al, CogSport: reliability and correlation with conventional cognitive tests used in post concussion medical evaluations. Clin J Sport Med 2003 Jan; 13(1): 28-32 Copyright ? 2017 AXON Sports. All Rights Reserved. -https://www.axonsports.com/
Traumatic Brain Injury
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Standard NINDS CDE
Form Type:
Clinical Assessment
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Number of Data Elements:
Logically grouped data elements with defined frequency at which they repeat.

# Title Short Description Variable Name Required? Type
1 GUID   Global Unique ID which uniquely identifies a subject GUID Required CDE
2 Visit date   Actual interview or visit date VisitDate Recommended CDE
3 Visit Type  


Visit type VisitType Recommended UDE
4 Subject identifier number   An identification number assigned to the participant/subject within a given protocol or a study. SubjectIDNum Recommended CDE
5 Subject group category   The group category the subject is in SubjectGroupCategory Recommended UDE

Additional Element Groups

Listed below are your additional element groups.

Axon (Appears Exactly 1 Time)

# Title Short Description Variable Name Required? Type
1 Axon testing evaluation date  Date and time (day/mm/yyyy, hh:mm) axon evaluation was completed AxonTestEvalDate Recommended UDE
2 Axon processing speed composite score  Axon composite score for processing speed AxonCompstScrProcssSpd Recommended UDE
3 Axon processing speed reaction time  Axon processing speed reaction time AxonRxntimeProcssSpeed Recommended UDE
4 Axon attention composite score  Axon composite score for attention AxonCompScrAttention Recommended UDE
5 Axon attention reaction time  Axon attention reaction time AxonRxntimeAttention Recommended UDE
6 Axon learning composite score  Axon composite score for learning AxonCompScrLearning Recommended UDE
7 Axon learning reaction time  Axon learning reaction time AxonRxnTimeLearning Recommended UDE
8 Axon working memory speed composite score  Axon composite score for memory speed AxonCompScrWrkMemSpeed Recommended UDE
9 Axon working memory speed reaction time  Axon working memory speed reaction time AxonRxntimeWrkMemSpeed Recommended UDE
10 Axon working memory accuracy composite score  Axon composite score for working memory accuracy AxonCompScrWrkMemAccrcy Recommended UDE
11 Axon working memory accuracy percentage  Axon working memory accuracy percentage AxonRxntimeWrkMemAccrcy Recommended UDE

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