• BASIC SEARCH: All results will contain all key words. Search terms are not case sensitive. Searching man age will return human ages, manage and man age but not age man.
  • ADVANCED SEARCH: The following operators can be used to perform an advanced search.

Operator Explanation Example
"" Quotation marks Requires words to be searched as an exact phrase. When using this operator, all wild-card characters must be explicitly included. "Age" will return results that have the whole word Age within them. It will not return manage or ages or aged.
? Question Mark Matches exactly one character at the end of a search term. ma? will only match search terms that end with three-letter words starting with ma, such as man,mad,map, and mat
*Asterisk Matches zero or more characters (including spaces) *age will match any word ending with age, such as language,image,percentage, and just age

* Keyword search will be performed within the following form fields: Short Name, Title, Description, and Created By.