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Getting Started

Qualified researchers can request access to data stored in FITBIR. To gain access to shared data, an investigator must obtain data access privileges.

Obtaining Access Privileges

In order to obtain Privileges you must do the following:

  1. Complete the Data Access Request  (includes Data Use Certification). This must be signed by the PI and Authorized Representative.
  2. Scan and save the signed Data Access Request (PDF) document.
  3. Click the LOG INTO FITBIR button on the FITBIR homepage and click Request a FITBIR account (if you already do not have a FITBIR account) to submit data. FITBIR account requests are reviewed and typically approved within 2 days.
  4. Fill in required fields. Be sure to select "Query Tool and Study" permission under Account Privileges.
  5. Upload required, signed documents. Select the File Type from the drop: Data Access Request
  6. Browse and select the signed, PDF of the Data Use Certification (part of the Data Access Request Document)
  7. Click the Upload button

Once completed, the request package is then sent for approval to the Data Access and Quality Committee (DAQ) established to oversee access to the FITBIR shared data. When the investigator's request is approved, the investigator is notified by e-mail and explained the conditions under which the approval is granted.

Approvals for access to FITBIR and its tools are granted for one year. In order to apply for account renewal to submit data, users are required to update and submit the data submission request and biographical sketch. Users that would like to renew access to the query tool are required to update and submit the data access agreement and biographical sketch. If the investigator publishes any new results based on analysis using FITBIR data and tools, he/she is required to acknowledge both the original author/submitter of the data and FITBIR. Investigators who access data are also strongly encouraged to collaborate on data analysis and publications with the PIs who collected the data.