Policies and Procedures

The FITBIR policies are documented below. If you have any specific questions about FITBIR policies or to check for any updates, please contact the FITBIR Operations team at: FITBIR-ops@mail.nih.gov.

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Downloadable Policy Documents

FITBIR Data Sharing Policy - (Overall Policy)
FITBIR Data Submission Request - (Required for Submission, Yearly Account Renewal)
FITBIR Data Access Request - (Required for Querying/Reporting, Yearly Account Renewal)
Biographical Sketch (includes instructions) - (Yearly Account Renewal)

Updated policy information (07/06/2017)

Both the DoD and NIH strongly recommend CDE compliance for all clinical TBI studies, particularly those with a FITBIR data submission requirement.  Moreover, it is highly recommended that investigators align their non-outcome measures with existing non-outcome CDE forms that have been developed and are available at the NINDS CDE website or through FITBIR.  For any grant with a FITBIR data submission requirement, non-compliance with NINDS CDEs will require programmatic approval. Studies investigating outcomes outside of the TBI CDEs should use NINDS CDEs found in other disease areas or through searching the FITBIR Data Dictionary that has over 400 standardized forms available.  As with non-CDE usage, incorporating non-TBI CDEs requires prior Programmatic approval.

Certificate of Confidentiality (CoC)

A Certificate of Confidentiality (CoC) has been issued for FITBIR to protect the identity of research participant's within the FITBIR system.