Submission Costs

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FITBIR Submission Costs

The Defense Health Program, through agreement with the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) is the lead DOD component funding the FITBIR database. This database is a free resource to the TBI community designed to accelerate comparative effectiveness research on brain injury diagnosis and treatment. To assist in estimating the effort for a person responsible for submitting data to FITBIR (such as a data manager), a FITBIR Submission Cost Model was developed. To support the costs associated with data submission, include the FITBIR Submission Cost Model into the budget of your grant application.

Estimation Tool

In addition to cost estimates, the researcher should also include in their grant application the additional roles and responsibilities of the person responsible for submitting data to FITBIR. Below is a job description for a data manager or someone similar interacting with FITBIR:

Data Manager Job Description

Summary of Qualifications

The FITBIR data submitter is responsible for managing data shared with the FITBIR database. He or she is responsible for the creation, updating, maintenance and validation of clinical study data for FITBIR and for the provision of computerized reports of these data. He or she is a key member of the clinical project team and should be able to manage the submitted data in compliance with FITBIR standard operating procedures and guidelines.

Example Tasks

  • Use existing CDEs and/or create unique data elements related to your research study
  • Use existing FITBIR form structures and/or create new form structures related to your research study
  • Generate GUIDs for each subject in your study
  • Format study data to conform to FITBIR CSV file template
  • Create Studies in FITBIR
  • Validate data using FITBIR Validation Tool
  • Build a submission package(s) to upload to FITBIR
  • Quarterly submissions of inclusion (phenotypic) data over the life of the grant and one final submission of experimental data