Submitted Data

The FITBIR Informatics System includes a full range of data from TBI patients and controls enrolled in studies funded by the DoD and NIH. The following charts provide general information about the distribution of data records that have been submitted to FITBIR.

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Use the date picker to find historical information about # of records and # of shared studies on any given day. Please note historical data is only available from 7/2/18 onward

Total number of studies in FITBIR:

Total number of records for all studies:

Total number of shared studies:

Total number of records for shared studies:

DOI Investigator Funding Source Project Title Abstract # Of Subjects # Of Records # Of forms With Data
DOI Investigator Project Title Organization Abstract
ShortName Name # of Studies Using Form # of Records Submitted to Form
Core CDEs # of Studies # of Records
Study PrefixId Study Name # of Records Submitted to Form